Guests of Merit Club


Dress code for the Merit Club golf course and practice facility

Proper attire is always required on the golf course and the practice facility. Members are expected to ensure that their guests and family members adhere to these rules.

Proper attire for all golfers includes slacks, golf shorts no shorter than bermuda length, golf shirts with collars and sleeves, golf shirts designed with crew necks, sweaters, and jackets. Fitness or workout attire is not acceptable. Shirts are to be tucked in always. Hats must be worn as designed with the bills to the front. In addition, women may wear capri golfing pants and golf skirts, sweaters, jackets and crew necks. Shirts must have a collar and sleeves (no tank tops). Women’s blouses or shirts must be tucked in at the waist unless they are designed to be worn just outside and below the waistband with no exposed midriff. Short shorts or short skirts will not be allowed. Gentlemen are requested to remove their hats in the Clubhouse and when seated in the grill. Flip flops are not considered proper footwear for men and women in the grill. Members are expected to ensure that their guests and family members adhere to these rules. Children must abide by the men’s and women’s dress codes. Soft spikes or other acceptable golf footwear must be worn always during play or practice. The General Manager reserves the right to deny anyone access to the golf course that is improperly dressed.

Cell phone usage at the Merit Club

Cell phones may not be used to make or receive phone calls in the clubhouse or on the practice facility. Telephones are available throughout the clubhouse for your use. Please keep your smartphone on silent or vibrate mode while in the clubhouse. Limited use of cell phones is allowed for the “passive” purpose of email, internet access, text messaging and video/camera only.

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